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Creating a Culture of Yes

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New ideas, opportunities, and requests can arrive at any time.  These may come from members, colleagues, potential partners, or from you personally.  In our sometimes frantic, always heavily-scheduled world, how do you create a culture where these new ideas are fairly evaluated and prioritized? Research shows strong cultures – those marked by overall positive behaviors and defined goals – are associated with better organizational performance and success measures.  

Join us for a webinar on May 30 at 1 PM Central to tackle this topic that often plagues organizations with the right intentions but struggle to fully implement a “yes” culture. We’ll hear from our friends at Larky on how they created an internal culture where they value employee ideas, salivate when it’s time to introduce new initiatives and seriously consider each new partnership that presents itself. 

In this session we’ll discover:

  • Steps you can take to transition toward a culture of yes
  • Measurable benefits of adopting a culture of yes
  • How to determine if your organization is walking the walk, or just talking the talk
  • Ideas for gaining buy-in from colleagues regardless of the size of your department, your organization and your role