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Cutting Through the Noise in a Cluttered World

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Media advertising in the United States is expected to reach $200 billion in 2016.  Fortune 500 companies continue to dump millions of dollars into television, radio and online ads.  Research suggests that consumers see upwards of 5,000 advertisements, daily!  How can your credit union stay visible with so much noise?  What value does your brand represent to the membership?  

Last year, Filene collaborated with Larky to bring credit unions a mobile tool that drives brand awareness and top-of-mind positioning.  Larky’s 100% custom-branded platform enables credit unions to cut through the noise and communicate with members based on their location.  These communications include:

·      Unique and compelling discounts, at merchants in your community

·      Promotion of your products and services (auto loans, mortgages, insurance and more) right when your members need them. 

The mobile app alerts users when they are physically near a qualifying discount or a location where a credit union product can help – so they get instant savings – all thanks to the credit union.  And we know that 72% of consumers actually respond to marketing messages received within sight of a retailer.

The results of credit union and member engagement (including Christian Financial Credit Union, Goldenwest Credit Union, and many others) has been incredibly encouraging and the opportunity to partner with Larky now extends into 2016.

Join us on Thursday, June 23 at 11:00am CST to learn more about Larky and see why this mobile strategy can help keep your credit union visible in this cluttered world.