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Digital Strategies – Understanding Consumer Behavior on Your Website

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Simply put, website metrics are a way to measure how well your site is performing.  Moreover, metrics will help you understand how users are behaving on your site. They are not just about measuring how many visitors you get, but about the performance of the content and how your visitors are interacting with your brand.

In this session, Filene’s Digital Strategist Cat Fitzgerald, will show you:

  • Why you should be less interested in counting how many users come to your site and more interested in using metrics to understand their actual behavior and interests
  • How to decide which metrics to track based on the goals of your organization
  • How to define what you want your site to accomplish and what you want users to do when they visit

Your members and potential members all have goals when they come to your site, they aren't there just to check out the latest news.  They are in the market for a loan or want to open a checking account or apply for a credit card. This session will give you new ideas about how to best serve those needs and how to measure your success.