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Doing Research Differently: How Filene's Incubator Helps Credit Unions


  • Sherod Halliburton President at Manatee Community FCU
  • Oz Uzuner Chief Operating Officer at Steady


We have a research library of 500 reports conducted to support the credit union system. Filene brings our research to life through our Incubator. Through our incubation program we help accelerate innovation within credit unions and reduce the front end risk of testing new products and ideas.

Join us to learn more about:

  • Filene's approach to seek, test and scale ideas grounded in research
  • Bringing an innovative mindset to your credit union
  • How easy it can be to test! Webinar participants will help shape the future testing by providing feedback on Fintech companies during the webinar

Filene offers a proven methodology and a 15+ year successful track record of identifying, testing and scaling the best solutions. Joins us on May 14, 2020 to see how you can bring innovation and incubation to your credit union.