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Driving Economic Impact: How Larky Supports Local Businesses

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When your members buy local, significantly more money stays in the community your credit union exists to serve.  In fact, research shows that 48% of purchases at a local independent business are recirculated locally (versus 14% with a chain store).  

But how can your credit union help members see the value in shopping at local merchants? What can local businesses offer your members to truly compete with the national brands?  Members are constantly barraged with discounted offers and advertisements by large retailers.  Most of these offers are completely irrelevant and untimely.   Larky has leveled the playing field for local merchants in the community you serve. 

Larky’s local discount program saves your members money by encouraging shopping at their favorite local businesses.  Their mobile solution keeps money in your community and drives real economic impact.  A partnership with Larky is a win-win-win for members, the credit union, and local businesses.  There is real economic value in pairing your members with local merchants while ensuring you help preserve the uniqueness of your community.

Join us to hear from a small business owner whose credit union partnered with Larky to drive impact in the local community.