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Filene Research Colloquium: Trends in Mobile | SUMMARY

What does mobile banking have to do with human well being?

Big THANK YOU to everyone who attended the colloquium! 

CLICK on speaker names below to view the presentation slides.

A lot, argued co-host Bruce Cahan, author of Filene's recent Choosing Relevance research. Helping people and building community is more than just whiz-bang banking apps, practitioners need to start with understanding the place of money in people’s lives.

Also on tap from the April 20 meeting Mobile Banking: Trends in Technology, Innovation, and Equity: IDEO designer David Fetherstonaugh urged attendees to think about mobile applications not just as a delivery channel, but as a chance to solve human money problems. As a result, attendees brewed ideas ranging from a “happiness interface” for money and life goals to a smart checking account switch kit.

What do the phosphorous levels of wetlands have to do with mobile banking? A lot, argued, Stanford engineering professor Mike Lepech, in a review of the role of science in tracking banking's benefits as closely as developers track their environmental impact. Susan Athey of Stanford’s business school suggests that bitcoins and blockchains won’t disrupt domestic payments … yet. (But watch out if you rely on forex fees.) Trabian’s Matt Dean thinks that building alone on mobile or with plain vanilla vendor products is a recipe for boring, and that thoughtful collaboration is the key. MX’s Ryan Caldwell showed how his company is solving the account diffusion problem to get the right money insights in front of users. MediaX’s Martha Russell reminded attendees that some of the best business insights come from getting outside your own industry for insights. Stu Soffer warned: Make sure you own your code (or at least you know where it came from).

Do this:

  • Review the presenters’ slides by clicking on names above
  • Look forward to a Filene report detailing the findings and recommendations from the colloquium (arriving in Q3)
  • Sign up for Filene’s next colloquium, Marketing Department: Skills and Structures of Tomorrow, that will be held May 19th in downtown New York City. Our lead presenter is Lerzan Aksoy, Professor of Marketing in the Fordham University Business School and co-creator of the Wallet Allocation Rule. Event and registration details can be found HERE.

Shared by an attendee of the colloquium: “Great meeting. All speakers were very knowledgable. The information shared was in tune with current trends and showed me how much we need to learn and improve (personally and in the credit union movement).”