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Filene Think. Do. Change. 2016

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Each year we look forward to gathering with long-time members and new friends to share our favorite learnings and lessons from the closing year along with our most exciting ideas and projects for the upcoming year.


Ben Rogers, Sr. Research Director
Coming Soon.

James Marshall, Leader of the Cooperative Trust  
Young adults are overconfident but under capable when it comes to their money! But how can credit unions help? Well, to greater understand their finances, Filene impact program SavvyMoney allows members to see their credit score and score card! This program also gives suggestions on how you can increase your credit score. See where you rank on financial knowledge by taking a quick quiz and check out SavvyMoney, as well. 

Andrew Downin, Innovation Director 
We’re very excited to begin live prototype testing of Hindsight—our new Filene i3 concept designed to improve the collection and sharing of conference notes, and to give credit union leaders insight into the value of their conference expenses. If you’re interested in testing Hindsight at an upcoming conference let Andrew Downin know: [email protected] or 608.661.3746.

Cynthia Campbell, Impact + Labs Director
Credit unions exist in a highly competitive marketplace. In order to create an experience that will retain current members, grow share of wallet and attract new members, credit unions must understand not only what their members are experiencing today, but what they want and need from their financial institution tomorrow. Filene Research Institute has benchmarked credit union member effort in four areas (consumer loans, new account opening, mortgage lending, and problem resolution) and can help credit unions apply what we have learned. Learn more about how to enhance the MEMBER JOURNEY with guidance and support from Filene. Contact Cynthia Cambell to learn more.