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Financial Education and Content Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven

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Let’s face it, traditional marketing is becoming less effective because consumers are learning to turn down the noise produced by ads. With shorter attention spans and more distractions all around us, the effort to meaningfully market your brand to the right people in the right way has become more difficult with seemingly smaller returns. Yet the solution is clear--provide something of value to your audience, and they will value you back. 

Using financial education content (content marketing approach) to enhance your social media strategy will allow you to connect with consumers in the right way because you're providing relevant, valuable content where they seek it, from you as their expert source. This will, in turn, bring the results you desire by educating your members how to think about their money and nudging them towards financial behaviors that will enhance their financial lives. 

Join Cynthia Campbell, as she interviews, Holly Fearing, Filene’s Social Media Advisor, and Tim McAlpine, Founder of Currency Marketing about smart strategies to drive member engagement with financial literacy content.

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