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Grading your Strategic Thinking: Six Strengths of A+ Strategists

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Strategy has never been more important to credit unions. Economic uncertainties, the expansion of regulatory oversight, and changes in consumer tastes and preferences are just a few of the ongoing challenges credit union leaders face on a day to day basis. 

While a universal solution to these issues would be ideal and ambitious, it is unrealistic. However, the stronger your credit union's strategic leadership, the better armed you’ll be to not only meet these challenges but to break through to stronger success. 

During this webinar, Tansley Stearns, Chief Impact Officer of the Filene Research Institute will explore what our research has identified as the six pillars to strategic excellence: Anticipate, Challenge, Interpret, Decide, Align, and Learn. You’ll leave with a tool to understand your strengths and your opportunities areas and fodder for your next leadership or board meeting. Turn our research into action!