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i3 Prototype Presentations (Part 2)

Credit union leaders from Filene’s i3 innovation leadership program have been prototyping solutions to address consumer and credit union challenges. Waves 18 and 19 will present their latest prototype concepts and share key findings found from testing them in the marketplace.

Join us as i3ers highlight their prototype findings, and let us know which concepts you’re interested in Filene testing further.

In PART 2, you will learn about:.

  • Charlie AI -- a Chatbot for CUs that want to leverage Generative AI for a great member experience during the car buying process.
  • Thrive -- personal financial counseling for Gen Z and others, powered by Credit Unions.
  • Elevate Innovation AI -- a groundbreaking tool for credit unions, offering AI-driven innovation assessment and strategic, actionable steps for growth and success.
  • Learn2Earn Rewards -- for 16-24 year olds a mobile app that motivates with tangible rewards – from exciting prizes to valuable loan discounts, all achieved by accomplishing tasks within the app.
  • Sidekik -- a simple analytic solution which governs your Credit Union's data and transitions it to actionable reporting, accelerating your ability to get to the why behind business challenges in a timely and cost effective manner..

Don't forget to also register for PART 1 for 5 more i3 Team concepts!