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Impact Road Show | Los Angeles

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This special edition of a Filene Impact Road Show will be held on October 22 during the California & Nevada Credit Union League's REACH 2014 Annual Meeting & Convention in Los Angeles, CA.

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WHAT IS AN IMPACT ROAD SHOW? It’s 90-minutes of stimulating conversation about CU programs that have the potential to enrich your members’ experience and build a culture of success in your credit union. Examples of Filene impact programs include:

  • Larky: Filene is teaming up with Larky, a web and mobile loyalty platform that enables credit unions to delight members with frequent point-of-sale discounts at local and national merchants.
  • It’s a Money Thing: If your credit union has been talking about attracting and retaining the next generation of members and is ready to take action on this strategic imperative, this opportunity is for you.
  • Innovation Immersion: Filene’s Innovation Immersion program helps credit unions execute on innovation, ideas, and cultural change.

This Impact Road Show from Filene offers you and your team a convenient and fun way to find out how Filene takes the best ideas, rooted in research and proven in the market, and makes them scalable and sustainable to drive change in your credit union. We'll walk through some of Filene's latest programs, and the research and innovation behind them. You'll leave with at least one idea that can make your credit union even stronger! 

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Filene's “Impact” team turns the best market-proven and research-driven ideas into scalable products for credit unions. The Road Show will give you the scoop on the latest offerings in attracting young adults, using social media, digital marketing, mobile options, the online channel, and virtual management coaching—and how your credit union can use them to become stronger!

Bring your entire team…Credit union executives are touting the value of this traveling workshop, wishing they had brought other team members to attend, especially their CEOs, HR, marketing, operations, lending, and sales members. Don’t miss out!