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Impact Roadshow | Marshall, MI

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10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Local Host: Marshall Community Credit Union

Filene Host: Jimese Harkley

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WHAT IS AN IMPACT ROADSHOW? It’s 90+ minutes of stimulating conversation about CU programs that have the potential to enrich your members’ experience and build a culture of success in your credit union.

Filene impact programs include:

  • Member Journey - In our highly competitive marketplace, in order to create the experience that will retain current members, grow share of wallet and attract new members, credit unions must understand not only what their members are experiencing today, but what they want and need from their financial institution. We must hear their voices. There are a number of ways to understand the member journey, from surveying the member, secret shopping, mapping the current and dream state member journeys for popular product lines, and understanding how they interface with you digitally through live observational research and a review of your digital strategy. 
  • QCash - An omni-channel lending solution that offers relationship based underwriting (without credit check) to members in search for small, short-term unsecured loans.
  • Innovation Immersion - Filene’s Innovation Immersion program helps credit unions execute on innovation, ideas, and cultural change.
  • Social Media Advisory - Done effectively, social media efforts can: engage current and potential members, enhance communication efforts, grow bottom line results, and build social equity and awareness for the credit union. Filene’s Social Media Advisory program provides: strategy, training, analysis, tactical calendar development, metrics development and tracking. 

This Impact Roadshow offers you and your team a convenient and fun way to find out how Filene takes the best ideas, rooted in research and proven in the market, and makes them scalable and sustainable to drive change in your credit union. We'll walk through some of Filene's latest programs, and the research and innovation behind them. You'll leave with at least one idea that can make your credit union even stronger! 

Filene's impact always begins with research. Click on the titles below to download supporting research (for free!)

Next, browse the programs and services available from Filene impact.

Filene Feedback | Linda Young

"The content from the event was directly relevant to our organization’s corporate objectives. It was also a great forum for the Coast Capital team to engage with peers within the organization and across the industry. In just two short hours, many insights, products and services were presented by Filene – all of which showcased practical solutions that can be implemented by credit unions of varying sizes and geographies. I highly encourage credit union executives to attend Filene’s Impact events in their area to learn about solutions that can help their organizations achieve their goals."