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Impact Road Show

Join Filene's Impact team for a virtual road show!

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As you head into strategic planning and budgeting season, arm yourself with solutions that make 2014 a success. In a crisp hour, learn how Filene's Impact team takes the best ideas, rooted in research and tested in the market, and makes them scalable and sustainable to drive change for credit unions.

We'll walk through some of our latest programs, and the research and innovation behind them. Credit union CEOs and other executives across the organizations will leave the webinar with at least one idea that can make their credit unions even stronger.

Linda Young, who attended our Impact Road Show at Coast Capital in Vancouver, told us:

"We were delighted to host the Filene Research Institute Impact event. The content from the event was directly relevant to our organization’s corporate objectives. It was also a great forum for the Coast Capital team to engage with peers within the organization and across the industry. In just two short hours, many insights, products and services were presented by Filene – all of which showcased practical solutions that can be implemented by credit unions of varying sizes and geographies. I highly encourage credit union executives to attend Filene’s Impact events in their area to learn about solutions that can help their organizations achieve their goals."