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Increase Engagement, Loyalty and Performance with Open-Book Management

Improving organizational performance and employee engagement is always top of mind. Open-Book Management (OBM) can create a win-win-win for your credit union: amplify employee engagement, grow member loyalty, and improve financial performance. But how do you know if this strategy is right for your credit union and do you have the knowledge to implement it effectively? 

Based on three key principles of transparency, trust and fair treatment, OBM aligns well with the mission and values of credit unions. When deployed effectively, OBM is proven to help credit unions achieve improved engagement, member value and ultimately financial results. Economically engaging employees as trusted partners in the organization has proven effective both within the credit union industry as well as with a number of industry leaders including Capital One and Southeast Airlines.

Leveraging key insights from Filene's comprehensive series of three reports on OBM practice in credit unions, you will hear from the research author and creator of the OBM concept, Bill Fotsch along with Filene's Senior Director of Advisory Services, Erin Coleman. You will walk away with the information you need to make an informed decision about whether OBM Is right for your organization, and what is involved to do so.

Filene's research report series from the creators of the concept “Open-Book Management”.