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Innovate & Create: See Ideas Come Alive in Two Days

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Join Filene Research Institute & Trabian for an interactive two-day innovation & prototyping session. Tired of hearing about innovation because you don't see enough ideas move into action? This is for you.

With a specific focus on improving the new member experience, Filene will lead an experiential learning session leveraging the Filene Method of Innovation. As you learn the methodology, you will collaboratively develop ideas to make a simpler, easier and more engaging new member experience.

Overnight, Trabian will take those ideas and build prototypes that will be shared and honed on the second day. You’ll leave the session with access to these presentable prototypes to share at your own credit union along with code that can be further refined and made production-ready with your own IT teams.

If you are…

  • Concerned about the constraints placed on building new ideas because of system and partner limitations
  • Excited about improving the new member experience but constrained by technology
  • Interested in building a methodology of innovation and creation at your credit union
  • Confident that getting stronger in this digital age is a strategic imperative for credit unions
  • Ready to integrate rapid prototyping into your credit union’s culture
  • A champion of both innovation and implementation

...this session is for you.

Join Filene’s George Hofheimer & Tansley Stearns and Trabian’s Matt Dean & Trey Reeme on December 16 (9AM-5PM) & 17 (9AM-12PM) at Baxter Credit Union’s headquarters 340 N Milwaukee, Vernon Hills, IL 60061