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Innovation – Beyond Buzzwords: Creating Real Results and Organizational Change | Webinar

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Innovation Immersion

Now more than ever, credit union organizations and leagues need to innovate, as they face increased competition, changing consumer preferences, and economic imperatives. That’s why we’re introducing Innovation Immersion—a one-day experiential learning session designed to kick start innovation cultures at credit union organizations and leagues.

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Can’t make it? Join us on April 8 instead.

Borrowing key elements from the Filene Method—the innovation curriculum used by Filene’s i3 program—the one-day Innovation Immersion kick starts a culture of innovation at your organization.

According to Innovation Immersion participants:

“The Innovation Immersion helped our leadership team to continue building innovation into our culture. The methodologies and practical approach not only sparked ideas during our one-day session, but will help us to grow a culture of innovation that ensures ideas and innovation are a part of who we are as a league well into the future." - Brett Thompson, president/CEO at the Wisconsin Credit Union League

"I was one of the original i3'ers and when I first heard about Filene's Innovation Immersion, I was excited about the opportunity to bring the power of participating in i3 to my executive team. Together we not only learned the methodology but also are now using what we learned to make innovation a part of who we are as an organization.” - Jeff York, CEO at CoastHills Federal Credit Union