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Introducing Onboardability: Prioritize Growth Through Cross-Selling New Indirect Members

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Indirect relationships offer credit unions the opportunity to earn business at the point-of-sale, but leave the first impression of your organization in the hands of the dealership. 

According to a recent Credit Union Times article, auto loans remain one of the fastest growing portions of the credit unions' loan portfolios, and indirect loans are a major reason. Indirect Lending attracts new members who may, or may not, have an established relationship with a credit union. Credit unions have struggled to leverage the plethora of cross sell and engagement opportunities offered by indirect members. Do you have a robust onboarding strategy to transform these borrowers into fully engaged members?

During this webinar, you will learn about Onboardability: an automated member communication and messaging platform that allows credit unions to develop and nurture indirect member relationships in a timely and sequential manner.

When the webinar ends, you will understand:

  • The four key stages of onboarding a new relationship to make it effective and profitable
  • Why mapping the right sequence of contact and messaging is critical to the success of any new member onboarding strategy
  • How Onboardability can make the new indirect member engagement process easy, informative and consistent 

Learn how you can participate in an exciting pilot program opportunity that will help your credit union effectively deepen wallet share and slow down indirect member attrition. Let's turn loan growth into long-term membership success!