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Learn By Watching Your Members (In a Non-Creepy Way)

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We spend a lot of time asking our members what they want and responding to those needs. But in Filene's vast experience and research, consumers have a hard time articulating what they truly desire and are not armed to express what services would be most impactful. This is especially true when it comes “innovative” ideas or those based in technology.

The most important step in creating a successful plan to engage with your members at a deeper level is to spend time actually observing their behavior.  Identifying key unmet needs will, when addressed, dramatically improve the business.

Join us as we feature Cat Fitzgerald, Filene Digital Strategist, and examples of Live Observational Research that have unleashed game-changing ideas and tactics for credit unions around their digital experiences and the ways members utilize those technologies.

After the session, you will have a clear picture of how Live Observational Research and the Filene Digital Strategies Program can help you:

  • Uncover both tactical and strategic challenges with your digital channels
  • Test prototypes of systems you’re planning to implement and catch issues before launch
  • Reveal unmet wants and needs that could set your credit union apart
  • Learn what competitors are doing well and how you stack up against them, from the member’s perspective
  • Eliminate internal speculation, opinion or anecdotal evidence that can get in the way of progress