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Lessons from the Inclusive Lending Workshop Circuit

Credit unions looking to grow their membership and provide inclusive lending programs came together for 5 workshops across the country this summer. The Lessons from the Inclusive Lending Workshop Circuit webinar will highlight the most essential take-aways from the series of workshops from a regulatory, compliance, governance, marketing, membership, business development and lending perspective. Gain the knowledge of experienced credit unions and experts in implementation of ITIN Lending and Small Business Microfinance.

You will learn about the business opportunity and financial results from organizations that have been providing financially inclusive products for decades and walk away with resources and manuals to get started at your organization. Credit unions offering ITIN loans today are seeing charge-offs and delinquency rates far below their averages and system-wide aggregate averages. More than 8,000 small business owners are turned away from traditional sources of capital every day. The consumer need is clear, and the business case is proven and solid. 

Join us to get the due diligence data and next steps you need to bring these mission-aligned and smart business ideas back to your organization today!