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More Than Just Talk: Leadership Coaching Opportunities for Credit Unions

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Regardless of the leadership model that an organization adopts, effective coaching highly depends on how much value the organization places on the coaching culture. For an organization to introduce a leadership coaching model, it should be a learning organization, one that encourages people to challenge limiting beliefs, reflect upon their actions (i.e. failure is okay!) and seek ways to improve on how things are done. 

In a recent survey, 70% of organizations considered development activities, like coaching, to be in the top three most important factors for supporting an effective learning culture. However, in the same survey, 66% revealed that there was no formal program for their coaching activities! 

Filene Research Institute has recently collaborated with Vertex: a coaching and development program designed to serve a diverse group of credit union leaders. Vertex is geared specifically for new managers and mid-level managers leading people across all lines of business, at credit unions of all sizes. The program consists of several components that work in harmony to enhance the long term performance of the individual leader. 

Join us on September 16 at 9:00am CDT for our free webinar that dives into our recent research on the topic of leadership coaching, and you will hear how Vertex provides a cost-effective solution solely for the credit union industry.