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Network: Building your Future through Infrastructures and Ecosystems

Hybrid | San Antonio, TX

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Join us on August 1-2 for a research event from Filene's Centers for Community Social Impact and Data Analytics.


  • Rocio Flores Chief Social Impact Officer at USC Credit Union
  • Mai-Linh Hoang VP Corporate Strategy & Marketing at Collins Community Credit Union
  • Gordon Howe President & CEO at UNIFY Financial Credit Union
  • Joe Keller VP of Digital Assets at Visions Federal Credit Union
  • Erin Kelly Head of Partnerships at Transparent Financial Systems
  • Chris Myklebust Chief Transformation Officer at Canvas Credit Union
  • Taylor C. Nelms Senior Market Insights + Advisory Services Director at Filene Research Institute
  • Jeff Netzer VP, Rewards & Partnerships at PLAYSTUDIOS
  • Ben Soppitt Co-Founder & CEO at Unifimoney
  • Dylan Wyatt Chief Information Officer at Together Credit Union
  • Lourdes Zuniga Executive Director & Founder at Financial Health Pathways

Thank you for attending Network: Building your Future through Infrastructures and Ecosystems

If you are interested in preparing your organization for the future, email [email protected] to begin creating the ecosystems around you to ensure a competitive differentiation, accelerate speed to market, enable efficiencies, expand reach and drive impactful growth.

Day 1: How do you optimize your technology investments?

Structure your technology ecosystems to maximize your flexibility in partnering; prioritize your members’ privacy while remaining a competitive and trusted source.

Winning the Customer Loyalty Game
Jeff Netzer
The New Credit Union Data Stack: Ecosystem-Driven Innovation
Cheri Speier-Pero, Chris Myklebust, & Dylan Wyatt
Leveraging Community Partnerships for Community Impact
Mai Thi Nguyen, Mai-Linh Hoang, & Lourdes Zuniga

Day 2: What data are you capturing and how can you use it to set yourself ahead of competitors?

Even small amounts of incremental insights can provide a compounded advantage in the marketplace and allow you to reach more and deeper into your community.

Designing for Trust in Digital Financial Services
Taylor C. Nelms & Rocio Flores
Navigating New Ecosystems: Why crypto is more than a buzzword
Ben Soppitt, Joe Keller, Erin Kelly & Gordon Howe
Connecting the Dots: A Conversation with Filene Fellows
Cheri Speier-Pero & Mai Thi Nguyen
Visualizing Data to Enhance Decision Making, a Data Literacy Workshop (onsite exclusive)
Cheri Speier-Pero

This event was in partnership with DCUC's Annual Conference.