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New Research from Filene's Emerging Technology and Consumer Thinking Centers


We're exploring research at the intersection of technology and humanity, as each is deeply intertwined with the other in today's society. In this session we bring you insights and previews of the latest research coming from Filene's Centers of Excellence for Emerging Technology and Consumer Thinking . You will learn about:

  • Tracking fairness and accountability in AI algorithms used by financial services: how to address bias and discrimination to prevent digital redlining.
  • Managing member experience with organization-specific, “needs-adaptive” member journeys: how to put members’ needs, motivations, and well-being at the center of your credit union's business strategy.
  • Studying the member journey and cultivating reflexive moments: how to offer members opportunities for enhanced experiences that align credit union brand identity and member identity.

Consumers' financial needs are changing and becoming more nuanced in today's complex economic conditions. Advancements in technology will continue to enable credit unions and other financial service providers to increase their service, speed and convenience for consumers. However, there is a growing concern that these technologies are not adequately delivering outcomes based on human-centered design needs, and creating discriminatory effects that are difficult to undo. Credit unions can help create a better intersection between technology and humanity that leads to fairness, transparency and equity.