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Optimize Your Member Experience & Gain Loyalty

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The most important step in creating a successful strategy to engage with your members at a deeper level, is to spend time observing their behavior and identifying key unmet needs that, when addressed, will dramatically improve the business.

In our experience, members have a hard time articulating what they want and are not armed to clearly express what innovation would be most impactful. However, by seeing things through their eyes, we lead to discoveries that can unleash game changing ideas and strategies.

Join us for a webinar on March 8 at 11 Central. Our guest speakers, Filene Digital Strategist Cat Fitzgerald and Ben Morales from QCash, will help you come away with ideas for:

  • Optimizing your member experience by discovering unmet needs
  • How to truly listen to your members by seeing experiences through their eyes
  • Understanding your members’ actual service journey to identify ways to improve the experience and gain loyalty