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Our research can help you succeed - favorites from the market

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Filene experts spend much of their time researching challenges and best practices in the market. After all, “research” is in our name. Better still is when we get to take the studies we do and apply them toward solutions and improvements in credit unions across North America. We’ve picked three of our favorite Applied Research Services and in this webinar we’ll spend just 15 minutes snapshotting each one and how it can lead to the growth you’re seeking in 2017.

  • Online and Mobile Banking Adoption Cycle Evaluation
    How close is your credit union getting to the actual technology desires of your members? We tap into some Silicon Valley methodology to understand your user segments, technology adoption trends and ways to reduce personal biases that can often stall true technology strategy development.
  • Implementation Plans
    The difference between success and failure of an idea is in the implementation. Credit union leaders certainly recognize this but often miss out on discipline for execution. We’ll look at methodologies that have helped credit unions of all sizes find the tools to influence their culture toward success.
  • Credit Union Collaboration
    Credit unions across the country are participating in unique collaboration partnerships that break the traditional mold of giving the side eye to their competitors. We’ll look at real examples of credit unions coming together to increase market share, reduce expenses, improve overall service and bump up member satisfaction.  

You’ll walk away with actionable steps on one – or all three – that could help influence success at your credit union.