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Overcoming Low Consumer Confidence in Lending

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Our 2017 Confidence in Borrowing Survey shows very little overall change in consumers’ attitudes toward borrowing money: confidence remains low. So how can your credit union combat that trend and find the loan products that work best for your members? Having a baseline for consumer intention allows us to understand their mindsets, dive deeper and explore possible motivations of consumers.

In this session, Chris Fraenza from SavvyMoney will lead us through a discussion about:

  • How credit unions can proactively educate their members on money-saving opportunities for consumers who aren't confident and are inexperienced 
  • Self-service options for tech-savvy members to research and apply for loans
  • Ways your credit union might spring beyond Credit Karma, big banks and other competitors who are also targeting your members for their lending business 

You'll come away with new ideas for tackling the old problem of lagging consumer confidence.