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Reaching Minority Households: Filene Incubator Webinar

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We are now accepting submissions from credit unions and other organizations that have in-market products that bring financial access to minority households. This effort is part of a partnership between Filene Research Institute and Visa to help credit unions expand their reach to underserved consumers. 

Join us on November 13th to learn more about:

The objectives of the "Reaching Minority Households" research and incubator work
How to submit your in-market products or programs for incubator consideration
What we’ll be looking for as we select programs to test
Benefits your credit union could enjoy if your product or program is selected

Five products or programs will be selected for pilot testing across a broader group of credit unions to prove their desirability, feasibility, and viability at scale, all with the goal of having a greater impact on minority households.

Register for the Nov. 13th webinar for more information, or, go ahead and submit our product or program for consideration!