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Research in Action | Center for War for Talent

University of Texas, Austin

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Best practices are dead! Experiment instead!

That was the message from the speakers at the Research in Action event for Filene Research Institute’s Center for the War for Talent at the University of Texas, Austin. Credit union leaders joined researchers from academia and industry to talk about the possibilities of designing experiments to uncover institutions’ own specific rulebook for attracting and retaining top talent. 

Attendees learned about how to design a good experiment—but also how to use experimentation to build an innovation-focused organizational culture, how to start small and scale up, and how to garner support for that agenda with key stakeholders. The credit union movement is an increasingly diverse one, with competitive pressures from all sides. But credit unions already have a wealth of data they can use to design attraction and retention policies that work for them.

Presentation Materials

Sekou Bermiss, Experimenting with People (Analytics)

Chris Rider, Best for whom? Identifying your best practices through strategic experimentation

Megan Brown, First steps towards scientific HR: Launch and learn from experiments

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