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Six Ways to Become a Stronger Strategist

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You’ve already started your planning for 2018 but now’s the time to set aside an hour to hear how Filene can help you create and achieve those plans. Join us for a webinar to put you a step ahead in your process.  

During this session we’ll show you how credit unions go from hosting a once-a-year strategic planning session to transforming the process into a year-long Strategic Cycle experience -  a model that is more effective than traditional sessions and takes into account the changes that inevitably happen over the course of a business year. 

You’ll learn:

  • How others implement the Filene Method for innovation to provide your team with effective problem-solving and solution-implementation strategies
  • How credit unions leverage our research library and take advantage of customized recommendations
  • How you can more effectively engage your board and leadership team in strategic dialogue that continually advances the goals of the organization

Explore how Filene can help with the exciting plans you have for the New Year!