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Skills of High Performing Credit Union Managers Webinar

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Skills of High Performing Credit Union Managers Webinar

Join Filene and Michael Neill & Associates on September 5 for a webinar detailing the necessary skills of high performing credit union managers.

We’ll share tips about what it takes to develop, attract, and retain the best and brightest credit union managers that credit union executives and HR teams can begin using immediately. We’ll also give a brief overview of Filene’s newest solution for helping credit unions build and retain management talent: Vertex virtual coaching.

Bonus: Got any burning questions on high performing managers, attracting and retaining them, or anything else? Send your questions to [email protected] and we'll answer them during the webinar.

Tansley Stearns, who has 14 years of experience leading credit union managers, and Michael Neill, one of the industry's most highly coveted leadership consultants, will lead this highly interactive webinar grounded in research from Filene’s most downloaded report, “Attributes and Skills of Highly Effective Credit Union Management.”

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