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Filene's Center for Emerging Technology hosted their first annual colloquium on the hype around financial technology.

Filene Fellow, Richard Swart and other distinguished guests shared their experiences on financial industry trends, reasons for consumer adoption and the types of technology credit unions should consider partnering with, competing against, or investing in during this day-long event.

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  • Richard Swart, Filene Fellow and Chandra L. Middleton, PhD Student: The Art of FinTech Decision Making - Disruption in financial services is being driven by changes in the FinTech industry itself and the nature of technology.  But, where do you start? How do you balance core priorities and member services with the demand to remain competitive?  Do Millennials use FinTech instead of traditional banking services, or are they a sort of “training wheels” for them from which they will graduate to traditional banking and technology? 
  • Robert Schwentker, Founding President at Blockchain University: Understanding Blockchain and the Distributed Ledger Technology Ecosystem - Why are hundreds of financial institutions globally researching and developing pilot projects on technologies inspired by a decentralized, peer to peer, open source cryptocurrency called Bitcoin? We will explore what ecosystem trends credit unions should consider and what is the likelihood of government issued cryptocurrencies.
  • Stephen Coggeshall, Chief Analytics and Science Officer of ID Analytics: The Morality of Prediction - We can predict anything, it’s just a matter of how well, which depends mostly on data availability, which continues to grow. With increasing accuracy we can predict who will do bad things before they do, which is encroaching on complex moral issues, including “should we punish people for something they have not yet done”. We explore the complex intersection of what we CAN predict and what we SHOULD predict.
  • David Min, Assistant Professor of Law, UC Irvine: Potential Financial Regulatory Changes and Their Likely Effects on Credit Union - Together we will survey the likely regulatory changes on the horizon that might affect credit unions, including potential changes to Dodd-Frank, and the emerging regulatory landscape for FinTech. 
  • Fintech Trends and Startups panel with:

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