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Speaking of Change

Madison, WI

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Credit unions were designed to serve members, and yet, for the first time ever, banks scored higher on customer satisfaction than credit unions.

How can we help credit unions in the 21st Century deliver the best member experience?


On February 11, Filene returns to CUNA Mutual for Speaking of Change to share the latest research on member experience (MX), service excellence and digital transformation – all of which are vital for increasing member satisfaction .

Join Filene’s EVP and Chief Research and Development Officer, George Hofheimer, to learn the top 3 ways credit unions can transform experience, including:

  • Aligning on the right MX metrics to establish a member satisfaction baseline
  • The importance of identifying target members and building a value proposition designed specifically for them
  • Leveraging operational transparency as a strategy to keep members updated on each step of a complex transaction (think mortgages)

Ed Filene, Filene’s namesake, wrote the book “Speaking of Change” where he emphasized the importance of always looking ahead, never remaining stagnant and keeping up with ever changing times. Continue his legacy - Join us in thinking forward so we can help credit unions change lives.