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Strategy 2017: How Filene Can Help

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Make 2017 the year your credit union makes it happen!

As you turn the page into the New Year and start implementing the strategies you’ve committed to execute this year, the initiatives at the top of your list might require new skills, amped-up methodologies or fresh insights to set your course. Filene is here to help.

During this webinar you will hear from Tansley Stearns, Chief Impact Officer, as she shares ways other credit unions that engage with Filene solve the same challenges you may be facing today. You will walk away with inspiring stories and a set of solutions based on rigorous research that will be helpful to you in solving whatever your it is.

You will hear how:

  • Credit unions have transformed their strategic planning from a once-a-year session, to a Strategic Cycle
  • Teams have learned to demystify innovation and applied the Filene Method to set the right problem statements, find insights and ideate new solutions that can be prototyped and tested at their credit unions
  • Research has been applied to the organization’s specific market, and the power that customized recommendations can have in deploying your strategy . With Filene’s help some organizations have:
    • learned the intricacies of effectively performing in the Small and Medium Enterprises environment,
    • the roadblocks and opportunities to expand collaboration among specific set of peers,
    • employed a quantifiable method to measure innovation strategies in their market,
    • and developed implementation plans to go from planning to executing