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Tap Into Current Strengths to Up Your Digital Lending Game

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Competition in the digital lending space is fierce. Our competitors are making it easier, faster and cheaper to get a loan on the run with robust apps, aggressive marketing and good deals. Our research shows instead of credit unions investing heavily to compete head-to-head, they should consider a digital playbook that taps into their current strengths but also addresses their opportunity areas. 

In this session we'll show you case studies of credit unions that are using stats they're already good at: demographic information and credit score data. This strategy is used to target lending opportunities in a customized way inside online banking where members are already engaging with you. 

You'll walk away with new ideas on how your offers can cut through the communication clutter, how you can use information your credit union is familiar with to educate members and how both of those can lead to better lending opportunities for you and your members.