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Win the War for Talent: Exploring Coaching Beyond the Individual Experience

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As credit unions become more complex, the demand for stronger leaders is real. According to a recent Filene report, a common stumbling block for both new and veteran leaders is effectively communicating with staff and motivating them to improve their performance. If these missed opportunities continue, the longer term challenges of developing and retaining talent will grow, making it all the more difficult to achieve corporate objectives. 

Please join us for an engaging, interactive webinar during which we will explore Vertex Live, a new approach to the well-known management development system. Vertex live offers:

  • Face-to-face interaction with the coach and your colleagues
  • Lively discussion and immediate feedback from the coach
  • An opportunity to embrace a collaborative approach to talent development 

You will walk away with: 

  • Information about the eight coaching modules geared toward strengthening leadership traits 
  • Benefits of the coaching sessions versus assigning a mentor
  • How investing in leadership development can empower your staff to focus on members' needs while simultaneously striving to meet credit union performance goals 
  • Information on how individuals or groups of employees can begin the journey to strengthen their leadership abilities 

Register today or contact Jimese Harkley for more information.