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Your Roadmap to Excellence: Understanding Membership Options at Filene

Explore your member benefits with Filene.

As we approach a new year that means new strategic goals for your credit union. Since our menu of membership options continues to expand we have decided to host a special session to help you better understand all that membership in Filene has to offer. In this session, we will layout a Roadmap of Excellence, exploring many benefits including:

  • Academic-Led Research
    • 80% of our members surveyed stated that our research is their most valued member benefit.
  • Innovation to Drive Change
    • Nearly 20 cutting-edge products  have been tested with over 150 credit unions.
  • Communities of Leadership
    • 25% of our i3 participants have been promoted while in the program. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your credit union achieve its goals and how to fully utilize the many offerings available to you to maximize the value of your membership, please join us December 19th, 2023 (11-12 CST).