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i3 Science Fair Voting

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Team Descriptions:

  • Break the Bank - Thrive App - Personal Financial Counseling for All:
    Our app connects users, from Generation A to Generation Z and all in between, with personalized guidance to help them financially thrive.
  • The Progress Propellors - Elevate Innovation AI:
    A groundbreaking tool for credit unions, offering AI-driven innovation assessment and strategic, actionable steps for growth and success.
  • InnoVengers - Learn2Earn Rewards:
    An innovative app blending financial education with real-world rewards, empowering Credit Unions to attract and deepen relationships with young adults through engaging, interactive modules for financial mastery
  • Charlie - AI-Driven Search Engine for the Car Buying Experience:
    Introducing an AI-Driven search engine for car buying, integrating ChatGPT's capabilities into credit union websites for personalized, data-driven vehicle searches
  • The Dynamic Disruptors - Conversion Concierge:
    Conversion Concierge provides a streamlined process for individuals to move their checking accounts to your credit union by eliminating challenges and ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.
  • The Fast & Curious - CU Fintech Connect:
    CU Fintech Connect is a collaborative comparison platform that aids in quickly finding fintech solutions for your credit union tech stack.
  • Sherlock Loans & The Curious Collaborators - SideKik - Advancing Digital Interaction:
    An advanced AI personal assistant, revolutionizes online banking with human-like, personalized financial advice, transforming user engagement in the financial industry
  • Not so Full House - Wallet Wise App:
    An innovative app for credit union members, transforming financial education with age-tailored lessons and perks, breaking the cycle of poor financial management and fostering financial freedom.
  • CU Care Bears - BizNest (small business incubator eco-system application):
    A comprehensive app for small businesses, providing learning resources, connections to lending partners and mentors, along with a business services platform
  • O Squared - Safe-to-Spend: Safe-to-Spend is an alternative home landing screen for your existing mobile banking app that puts a focus on spending empowerment by providing transparent, meaningful information, instead of shaming members into habits they may not care to adopt.

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