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Adam Christensen

Associate Vice President, Procurement & Corporate Strategy at FirstOntario Credit Union

Driven by building lasting relationships, thirsty for knowledge and passionate to have an impact, Adam Christensen is an Executive from Ontario, Canada who humbly leads a group of talented and dynamic professionals at FirstOntario Credit Union.
For over 15 years Adam has emerged himself in experience design, business analytics and employee development, tackling corporate leadership positions at major companies such as Circles Business Solutions, Red Bull Canada, and the iconic Canadian brand - Tim Hortons. Adam's creativity, coupled with his ability to plan, motivate, inspire and execute are just a few of the things that has led to his success so far. Adam is a devoted husband and father of two who strives to set an example of dedication, patience, honesty and passion, while showing the value to putting your heart and soul into everything you do.

Throughout the years Adam has heard various quotes, with many resonating, but one has truly inspired him and it reads "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, then there are others that make it happen." Adam is one of the few who make it happen.