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Brittany Hoban


Graphic Design Manager at Filene Research Institute

About Brittany

A bit about Brittany: Creative wallflower, or maybe, nerdy caffeine addict. She looks at things in a way that no one else would. That’s not just stop-and-smell-the-roses mentality, it's also noting their Pantone hues, measuring their heights, comparing the shadow contrasts for photoshoot potential. You know, nerdy things. As the Graphic Design Manager for Filene she translates the oftentimes-technical research outputs into something more digestible...and markedly more visually appealing.

If you don't find her haloed by computer screen glare or trying not to smudge graphite all over her hands, she's likely catching up on twelve different TV shows (Survivor, Ozark, Bob's Burgers, anything really), exploring some part of the world in a book, or finally getting some well-deserved sleep. Never mind, that's what caffeine is for.

She began her college career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison aspiring to be a chemical engineer, then psychologist. But the artist within couldn't be kept at bay. In 2014, Brittany graduated from the highly-acclaimed Graphic Design program at Madison College. After graduation she freelanced, juggled two internships, and eventually found her place at Filene. So the girl who finger-painted rainbows now creates beautifully illustrated infographics, slide decks, and other research outputs so that credit unions leaders can easily understand the important messages they convey, and in turn, make financial services just a little bit better.