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David Neuman


IT Manager at Filene Research Institute

About David

Filmmaker turned ICT specialist, David blends his high-level software skills with his love for storytelling to turn creative ideas into innovative and impactful tech tools.

As Filene’s IT Manager, David keeps the Filene machine running – both literally and figuratively! He assists in the tech needs of internal users while also supporting and managing visitors to the Filene website. When he’s not helping solve a tech problem, David is conducting important research to help Filene implement smarter and more efficient technological solutions.

David uses his broad knowledge of the tech industry to create tangible tools that help translate Filene’s important research into easy-to-use resources for members. His latest tool, a calculator for estimating the cost of financial distractions, helps employers better support the financial well-being of their employees.

David’s background in film production gives him a creative leg up in the world of ICT. After studying film at UW-Milwaukee, David jetted off to Los Angeles to pursue freelance filmmaking. He returned to Wisconsin to study web software development at Madison College and tested his new talents in positions at Epic and Sub Zero.

While he’s no longer soaking up the California sun, David’s love from filmmaking will never die. He continues to enjoy creating hand-drawn animations, despite the hours of tedious work that go into even the shortest of scenes!