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Jacoby Hardy

DEI Rotational Specialist at Filene Research Institute

Jacoby Hardy joins Filene as a DEI Rotational Specialist in the CUNA Mutual Group Early in Career Rotational Program. With each rotation providing a six-month career experience, Jacoby has spent time supporting the CUNA Mutual Group Multicultural Center of Expertise, learning how to drive customer success across the lending suite of products, and is now getting exposure to custom research, communication and membership with Filene.

Working with Taylor Nelms and Elry Armaza, Jacoby will be focusing on the centers of excellence, custom research projects, and supporting Filene’s research events in September and November.

A Finance Major graduate from Georgia Southern University, financial planning and basic financial concepts were always appealing to him. A part of his program was visiting firms on Wall Street and seeing what business is like in the big finance world. But growing up with parents who were loyal credit union members it is no wonder he found his way to the credit union community.

After surviving his first Wisconsin winter he is more than happy to be outside running and playing ultimate frisbee. Don’t forget to ask him where his next adventure is taking him. Although he only just recently got his passport you better believe he has plans to fill it up with stamps from continents like Africa, Europe and South America.