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Jason Lindstrom

President/CEO at Evergreen Credit Union

Jason Lindstrom has been working in credit unions for over 23 years. He started his career as a part-time teller in college and has worked as an Assistant Vice President of Business Development, Chief Political Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Engagement for 5 credit unions spanning from California, Virginia, and Maine. He’s currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Credit Union in Portland, Maine. Jason is a Credit Union Development Educator and Mentor through the National Credit Union Foundation and is currently the Chair of the CUNA Marketing and Business Development Council. Jason also was a participant in the Filene Research Institute’s I3 program, a credit union think tank group looking at financial services innovation.

Jason is an award-winning credit union executive with many awards and accolades credited to him. From the Chairman’s Award of Excellence at Orange County’s Credit Union to the California Credit Union League’s Political Professional of the Year, Jason has had an exceptional career in credit unions. He also has numerous CUNA Diamond Awards and many Credit Union Executive Society Golden Mirror awards for credit union marketing success.

As a leader, Jason has been in C-level positions and has also been Chapter President in Credit Union Chapters in California and Virginia. Jason won a “Be a Speaker” social media speaking contest with CU Watercooler and presented at the CU Watercooler Symposium, a talk about the importance of credit union advocacy. Throughout his career, Jason has led discussions with legislators on credit unions, been quoted in white papers on financial education, been interviewed by credit union trade publications numerous times and is outspoken about the need for credit unions in the financial services sector. Jason also was a past board member of a YMCA, past member of the Advocacy and Government Affairs Committee at the Orange County Business Council in Orange County, CA.

Jason has a bachelor’s degree from Long Beach State in Political Science/Public Administration and has completed Western CUNA Management School, a 3-year graduate level credit union management course.