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Jennifer Statham

SVP/Chief Brand Technologist at WSECU

Jennifer Statham joined WSECU (Olympia, WA) in 2015 as Senior Vice President & Chief Brand Technologist.  Founded by a handful of state employees in 1957, WSECU has grown to serve 240,000 members with 600 employees and more than $2.6 billion in assets.

Jennifer is responsible for WSECU's brand strategy to create a legacy of member loyalty and community impact.  She leads a team charged with leveraging data to make members' lives better, developing innovative products, expanding WSECU's relationship with members and future members, and investing in the communities the credit union serves.

At WSECU, Jennifer has found a home where employees are at the heart of a living brand and there is a maniacal focus on listening to and serving members.

Prior to joining WSECU, Jennifer was a marketing executive at Dell.  She has also worked at Pepsi, Coors Brewing Company and MediaOne (a telecommunications company).  Throughout her 20-plus year career, Jennifer has remained passionate about focusing on the customer and implementing processes that enable employees to serve their customers, their company and each other.