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Kathi Goodell

Project Manager at NorthCountry Federal Credit Union

Kathi was born, raised, educated, and has worked at four credit unions in northern Vermont.   Her credit union experience began right after college, and she’s been in the industry ever since.  She has held positions in lending, data processing, support services, and spent almost 15 years as the CEO/Manager of a small municipal credit union where she helped negotiate a proactive merger with NorthCountry FCU, where she has been for the past 11 years.

In her current role as Project Coordinator, she plans, executes and finalizes projects, working closely with staff, Senior Management and vendors.  She has attended a myriad of workshops, conferences, and conventions relevant to credit unions, including the Innovations Engineering Institute in 2012 and the Finovate Convention in May where she helped identify unique programs with future potential for the credit union.

In her spare time she enjoys outdoor sports such as hiking, kayaking, biking and snowshoeing.  Upon turning 50 she accepted a dare and now counts obstacle races -- complete with mud and beer -- as a challenging but enjoyable form of recreation!