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Laura Eblen

VP Member Engagement & Government Affairs at Mazuma Credit Union

Growing up, Laura Eblen couldn't draw a stick figure to save her life. Today, she has found the beauty of creativity means that it exists in many other forms. Graduating from the University of Oregon in 2001, she quickly deferred her student loans went to work answering phones at her local Credit Union. Always willing to take a chance on something new and unafraid of failure, she worked her way to become a Branch Leader and graduated with honors from CUNA Management School in 2009. Realizing her summers were now open, Laura joined The Cooperative Trust as an early member of the young professional Crasher group in 2010. She is an active member of the Women's Association of Credit Union Leaders, a long time officer for the KC Chapter of CUs, and a contributor to the CUNA Mutual Advisory Panel. She currently works for Mazuma Credit Union as their self-proclaimed AVP of Awesomeness. Described by her fellow Mazumans as "a passionate CU nerd who probably drinks too much Starbucks" Laura accepts challenges head-on, unless you ask her to kill a spider.