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Melina Palmer

Founder & CEO at The Brainy Business

Melina Young obtained her BA in business administration, marketing from the University of Washington and was the first person to graduate from the Global Honors Program with a degree in business. Shortly after graduating, she obtained a position at JayRay Ads & PR where she worked almost exclusively for credit union clients. After being introduced to the credit union system, Melina then co-founded Credit Union Strategic Planning, which allowed her to expand her work to credit union clients across the United States doing grant writing, Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) certification, low income designation, charter changes, advertising / marketing work and more. Melina has channeled the knowledge gained from her time in consulting into her current position as director of marketing at Verity Credit Union in Seattle, WA. Verity is well known across the industry for its focus on moms, Verity Mom program, social media and bicycle loan program. She has spoken on many of these topics at conferences across the country. Melina loves the opportunity to look at things in a different way and is excited to bring the innovative projects she works on in the i3 program to the credit union movement she loves so much.