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Norel Knowles

Community Leader & Advocate at MyPath

My name is Norel Knowles. I am a lifelong resident of San Francisco and have grown up in generational poverty. As a Black gay man, I have spent my entire life seeing and experiencing financial and economic struggles faced by low income and low wealth peoples. I have worked with MyPath for the past 5 years and this has helped me put into context redlining, the racial wealth gap and the barriers that youth and young adults face financially and economically. MyPath has given me a platform to address these issues at a policy level. I have recently co-designed a National Youth Economic Bill of Rights as part of MyPath's Youth POWER (Policy Organizers for Wealth and Economic Rights), a crew of transitional aged young adults working on policy advocacy efforts to articulate and advance youth economic rights! I was recently voted onto the Guaranteed Income Advisory Group by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to help develop a playbook for other cities who plan to implement a guaranteed income model in their city.