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Osman Ulhaq

Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at OneAZ Credit Union

About Osman

Osman Ulhaq serves as OneAZ Credit Union’s Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, where he orchestrates strategic initiatives to propel the organization forward. With over twenty years of experience in executive leadership roles, Osman is a seasoned strategist known for his ability to conceptualize and execute plans that foster success.

His expertise spans a diverse array of fields, including strategic growth, merger and acquisitions, digital transformation, lending, finance, workforce management, and operations. Osman is deeply committed to driving growth and nurturing leadership talent, championing excellence and collaboration, and fostering enduring relationships through community engagement. With extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies, Osman brings a wealth of knowledge to his role.

Osman's forward-thinking approach is evident in his collaborations with FinTech companies and future markets. He has also revolutionized member experiences by implementing consistent, repeatable processes that set new standards for excellence.

Osman holds an MBA in Organizational Leadership from Colorado State University, underscoring his dedication to continuous learning and professional development.