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Rebekah Monroe

Vice President of Marketing & Product Development at Christian Financial Credit Union

Rebekah Monroe serves as Marketing Manager for Christian Financial Credit Union, where she is responsible for advertising and promotions, product launch and development, corporate communications and research. She works daily to develop creative ideas to target strategic goals and make the credit union better. She manages a team of great people and loves to encourage them to grow and succeed in their own careers.

Rebekah received her B.A. in marketing from Wayne State University and her M.A. in public relations from Michigan State University. She started her career in marketing in the arts and entertainment industry at the Detroit Opera House and moved to a career at a Detroit PR agency prior to falling into (and in love with) working at a credit union. 

When she’s not writing copy or designing campaigns, Rebekah enjoys exploring the music and food of the city of Detroit with her husband, Kyle. Rebekah studied music for years in college and it didn’t all go to waste - she’s an avid flutist and performs in a local flute choir. Rebekah is actively involved in her church, Courage Church Detroit, and volunteers her time as a mentor in a local high school.