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Cybersecurity: Credit Unions in the Crosshairs

Credit unions of all sizes are vulnerable to data breaches and security lapses. In this report, cybersecurity experts outline how you can protect your credit union and maintain members’ trust. 

Executive Summary

Cybersecurity is a top-of-mind priority for credit unions of every size. But how can credit unions with limited budgets beat back an attack when some of the world’s largest organizations and governments have succumbed?

That question brought together credit unions and security experts from around the country at a Filene Research Institute–hosted colloquium in Newark, New Jersey, earlier this year. The multifaceted challenge demands an increased focus on quickly discovering and addressing attacks, the importance of collaboration and networking, the need to improve vendor management, encryption, enhanced staffing, training and education, balancing and owning risk, and delivering on the promise to protect members’ confidential information.