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Digital Strategies: Creating Stronger Online Engagement

Filene and provided credit unions with an opportunity to win new members/cardholders on Amazon’s new online storefront, Credit Card Marketplace. We tracked how participating credit unions performed and we provided analysis on what works and what’s required to master selling credit cards online—and by extension, how to win new members in a digital world.


  • 152 credit unions expressed interest in the pilot and 67 credit unions signed up. Ultimately, 44 of these credit unions listed their cards on the Credit Card Marketplace.
  • Less than 2% of shoppers who clicked “Apply Now” received credit cards. We learned that credit unions put up many barriers that prevented shoppers from continuing down the purchase funnel—before and after the online application was completed. These results gave birth to our Digital Strategies program.


To develop an effective digital strategy:

  • Invest in a robust digital strategy with an iterative approach
  •  Design a website that delivers on a seamless sales process, easy access to product information, and a full menu of self-service capabilities
  • Avoid large homepage hero images that are frequently assumed to be
    advertisements as they are often ignored to develop an effective mobile strategy
  • Provide easy access to mobile information for current members and new shoppers
  • Build out pages dedicated to mobile banking
  • Organize how mobile content is presented (most consumers are interested in devices, features and cost)
  • Provide access from all angles
  • Make mobile banking information available at every online touch-point